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Friday, August 16, 2013

Thailand Evangelistic Association - T.E.A

Susy and I continue to make Personal Evangelism our highest priority in our daily ministry activity wherever we are each day.  We are always sharing the Good News about Jesus with others and trying to help them receive Jesus as their Savior.  In order to multiply our ministry efforts and to be as fruitful as we can, we also are teaching and training and equipping other believers and Churches to do the same.

To facilitate this effort among Thai believers and Churches, we have formed the Thailand Evangelistic Association or TEA for short.  The group of people consists of Born Again Believers in Jesus Christ who have a desire to tell other people about Jesus Christ and help them believe in and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The purpose we share is to Evangelize Thailand through personal one on one evangelism out where people work, live, shop, go to school, and move about each day.

We all evangelize wherever we are each day, and then gather together locally each week for a couple of hours to encourage one another, to discuss and share experiences and ideas and to learn from God’s Word about Personal Evangelism.

Each participant personally agrees to the following three things:

1.  Jesus Christ has commanded me to share the Good News about Jesus with others that I come in contact with each day.

2.  The Holy Spirit has empowered me to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

3.  I accept and will fulfill my responsibility to tell other people about Jesus Christ so that they can believe in and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

These weekly TEA meetings are proving to be extremely powerful and life changing for those who attend, and are already impacting lives and bearing much fruit.  Our minds are being renewed as we study the Word of God concerning Personal Evangelism, and strongholds and fears are being broken as we receive and obey God’s Word.

Believers and Church leaders who have struggled with fear and shyness for years, are starting to share their faith with others on a daily basis, and some have already led people to faith in Jesus Christ.  They are now also telling other Christians about how being obedient to God’s Word in sharing their faith has changed their own life.

We are now beginning to help Churches start their own TEA meetings at a local Church level, as weekly cell and support groups for believers interested in learning how to tell other people about Jesus, outside the Church, wherever they are each day.

We are offering to help Churches get started with these cell groups, by teaching and training and equipping the leaders and their people with the Biblical and practical knowledge they need to share their faith and help unsaved people receive Jesus.  We will work with them for 6-8 weeks and then they will be able to continue without us.

We believe this can spread to many Churches throughout Thailand as believers and Churches see the impact that Personal Evangelism done on a daily basis, OUTSIDE THE CHURCH WALLS, can change and grow the Churches and the people.

Please pray for us and this movement as we continue to preach, teach, challenge and conduct Seminars, as well as establish and initially lead these groups.  Pray that we will have the Wisdom of God and be led by the Holy Spirit, and pray that our personal effectiveness and fruitfulness will increase as we continue to share Christ daily.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Some Trophies Of God's Saving Grace In Thailand!

Below are some a few photos and short stories of some of the people who have come to Christ recently in Thailand.  We have taken these from our Facebook pages and shared them here.  Follow us on Facebook if you can for a much more complete picture of our daily activities and ministry in Thailand!


Meet Khun Yod, our new brother in Christ! Susy shared Jesus with him this morning. He was so eager to be forgiven for his sins and receive the Gift of Eternal Life.

Thank you God for helping us help Khun Yod pray to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior!

This dear Thai lady prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior near the Train Station in Hua Hin when Dennis and Joe were out passing out Gospel tracts and telling people about Jesus!

We met this 15 year old boy on the bus today and Susy was able to share Jesus with him and help receive the Gift of Eternal Life! He and Susy prayed together right there on the bus as he opened his heart to receive Jesus! Thank you Lord!

Thank you Lord for a great day of outreach and witnessing for Jesus with my wife. 

Here's a photo of Susy with Noi and Lek. They both prayed today to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

We also visited Nan today. She works in a local coffee shop where we shared the Gospel with her the other day. She told us that she prayed to receive Jesus after reading our True Happiness tract. 

Thank you Jesus for Your Amazing Love and Grace toward these precious Thai people.

Thank you Lord for saving this precious Nepali lady.  Susy and Dennis were able to share Christ with her at her store in Hua Hin and then help her pray to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior!

Meet our new Sister in Christ, Nee! She saw Susy today at a small Shopping Mall where she works. Nee asked Susy if she could speak with her in private. She told Susy that she had been reading our True Happiness book that we had given to her Supervisor. 

She said that every time she saw Susy she noticed how happy she seemed to be. Susy explained to Née that her happiness was because of Jesus Christ, and then shared the Gospel with her.

Susy then helped Nee pray to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Née was so blessed and happy after receiving Jesus. She expressed her appreciation to Susy and told her that she was overwhelmed by Susy taking the time to help her know the Lord right there where she worked.

Thank you Jesus for saving Née and forgiving her and for giving her the gift of Eternal Life.

We were blessed tonight to attend the wedding of Tik from Hua Hin and Fred from Australia. 

The most exciting part of the evening was when Fred prayed with Pastor Nippon and I to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

Tik was already a believer in Jesus and had been praying for Fred to come to Christ. Thank you Jesus for answering her prayer on their Wedding Day!

I met Anton this morning for the first time. He is 82 years old and is from Norway, although he has lived in Thailand for many years. 

When I told him that God loves Him and that Jesus died for his sins so that he could forgiven, he cried and cried. 

Then I led him in a prayer to receive Jesus as His Savior, after which I prayed for the strengthening of his body and mind. 

Praise God with us for saving Anton and pray for him, too.

Just ran into Susy and our new little sister in Jesus, Pornpan, who is 18 and prayed to receive Christ yesterday over the phone with Susy, after receiving a Gospel tract from me. 

They are sitting at Market Village studying the new Bible that Susy gave her, as she begins her new life with Jesus. 

Pray for Pornpan to grow and be given the Spirit of Revelation as she reads the Word of God. 

Thank you Jesus for saving Pornpan and for revealing yourself to her and for guiding her into all Truth and for directing her steps!

Sunday afternoon with sister Gawn, after she attended a ladies meeting at a local Church. She is already telling others her story of how she met us, and then how she met Jesus!

Please continue to pray for God to direct her to a new job as she leaves the bar scene behind, and continues to follow Jesus! She is so grateful that we shared Christ with her!

Meet our new brother in Christ, Pong.  He was our taxi driver one day to a nearby town and I gave him a Gospel tract and then Susy shared Jesus with him.  We then helped him pray to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  Thank you Jesus for saving Pong.

Mr. Pong, our taxi driver who received Jesus as his Lord and Savior last week, introduced us to his sister and daughter from Bangkok today. 

Susy shared the Good News about Jesus with them and then helped both of them receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, too.

Thank you Jesus for saving Pook and his daughter Grace!

Monday, April 22, 2013

How Can They Believe Unless They Hear?

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ!
Greetings in the Wonderful and Powerful Name of Jesus!  We are getting ready for our return to Thailand, leaving Ohio on May 4 and arriving in Thailand on May 6.  Thank you for your prayers for all of our preparation and for our flights and travels, and good health and safety and favor with all those in authority.  Pray also for God’s supply of everything which is needed to do  the Kingdom Work that God has called us to do in Thailand and elsewhere.
Romans 10:13-15)  says, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"
Our desire and goal each day in Thailand is to help the Thai people and the foreigners living and visiting there to hear the Good News about Jesus, so that they can have a chance to believe in Him and call upon Him as Lord and be saved by our gracious and loving Heavenly Father.  We know that God has chosen us and ordained us to go and tell and bear fruit that will remain and that the Holy Spirit has empowered us to be witnesses for Him, as we boldly proclaim JESUS.
We are absolutely certain that the fields are ripe for harvest, because Jesus said in John 4:35, I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.  We are going into the Harvest Fields of Hua Hin, with open eyes, looking each day for those ripe to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, right where they are, on their job, out shopping, on the buses, or out walking.
We will go with confidence in the Power of the Gospel, since Scripture tells us that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe.  We believe that as we share the Good News about Jesus, the Holy Spirit will open the minds and hearts of the listeners, and that our God will confirm His Word with signs following as we faithfully Preach, Teach and Publish the Unsearchable Riches of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.
We will also go out with confidence each day because we realize and know how great is the Love of God for each person that we meet and talk with.  We know that God loves them more than we love them and that He is directing our steps.  We go with confidence also because we know that people everywhere are the same, and want peace and forgiveness for their sins and a relationship with their Creator God!  They just need to hear!
We go with confidence also because we know that you at home, our senders and partners and friends, are praying for us and for the salvation of the people we talk to and that God is using your prayers to open hearts and minds to the Gospel.  We believe that the seed you are sowing into our lives and ministry, through prayer and finances, is making an eternal difference in the hearts and lives of those we minister to in Thailand, and that the sower and reaper will rejoice together.
Susy often reminds Christians in America how salvation came to her in Thailand when Christians here in the States sent me to the other side of the world in 1989, and because of some of you doing your part as Senders, Susy was given an opportunity to hear about Jesus for the very first time. After hearing about Him, she believed in Him and called upon Him as Lord.
Then her family heard about Jesus and came to Christ. Since then thousands and thousands of other Thai people have had the opportunity to hear about Jesus through Susy’s testimony as you have helped to send her for many years.
Thanks to each of you who continue to serve as Senders and who pray for us.  Let us know how we can pray for you.
Love and Blessings to you all.  Dennis and Susy!
Dennis and Susy Caplinger

DenSu Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 26393
Akron, OH 44319 USA

Monday, March 4, 2013

DenSu Ministries In Hua Hin, Thailand

Susy's New Book Written and Published
 In The Thai Language
The Title Is:
JESUS - The One Who Changed My Life
Preaching The Gospel of Christ in English and Susy Translating
 To Thai for Locals and Foreigners Alike!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Awesome Month Of Ministry In Hua Hin, Thailand

Greetings in the Wonderful and Powerful Name of Jesus!
Thanks to each of you who have been faithfully praying for us and for the people of Hua Hin, Thailand.  God is certainly answering prayer for open doors and for the salvation of souls and for the expansion and growth of the Kingdom of God here in Hua Hin.
This is a picture of Sister Pan, our new sister in Christ.  We had met a Christian girl named Tik, who was working in a local café.  As we were visiting her and praying for her and sharing the Word of God with her, her co-worker, Pan, was watching and listening to us.  When we noticed her at the café, we introduced ourselves to her and Susy began sharing Christ with her.
Pan let us know that she had been to Church several times with Tik and that the Pastor had come to visit her at work and talked to her about Jesus, but she made it clear to us that she was not interested.
Susy continued to talk with her and get to know her and shared with her how God had changed her life 23 years earlier when she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and how her entire family came to Christ.
I continued to pray while Susy shared in Thai with her and we could really sense the Holy Spirit opening her heart to the Gospel.  To make a long story short, Pan gave her life to Christ that morning and was radically changed by Jesus.  She was so blessed and wept and wept with tears of joy, as she sensed the power and presence of God in her life.  She began going to Church and then her teenage daughter received Christ that day.  Please pray for her husband to also be saved and the remaining members of her family.  Praise the Lord!
This is a photo of our new sister in Christ, Nok.  I was walking down the aisle of a bunch of kisosks in a shopping center one day, and giving out tracts.  I laid one on a counter behind a lady who had been praying to an idol for a long time. 
As I walked on, Nok who was working in the next kisosk called me over and motioned to me that she wanted one of the tracts I was passing out to people.  I greeted her and gave her one, even though I couldn’t talk to her.  I really sensed that the Holy Spirit was already dealing with her.  I walked on and came back a while later and she was very excited after reading some of the tract.  She kept patting herself on her chest indicating that something was going on in her heart.
Several days later I took Susy there to meet her.  As soon as she saw Susy, she started weeping uncontrollably, and Susy started crying also.  Nok couldn’t talk for a while, just kept showing us the hair on her arms standing up as they hugged one another with an instant bond.  Everyone was watching as they fixed their makeup and began to talk.  Nok sent one customer away because she wanted to hear what Susy had to say.  Susy shared the Gospel with her, although by this time she had read Susy’s story about how Jesus had changed her life and she let Susy know that is what she wanted.  Susy helped her pray to receive Jesus right there in front of all of her peers, and God touched her heart in a powerful way.
Pray for Nok as we follow up on her and help her get started in Jesus.  She has such a tender heart.  Pray for all those other vendors and workers around her as well.
The other day at lunch, Susy prayed with a man and woman to receive Christ, and then last night at Church she prayed with two more people to receive Jesus after the service was over.  Praise God!
Pray for our November 25 Sunday Thanksgiving Service.  We have invited many unsaved people to a free brunch at the Hilton Hotel where we meet.  We are expecting 150-200 people, many are unsaved.  Pray many will come to Christ.
Thanks for all your prayers and financial help and encouragement.  You are all such a blessing to us.
We love and appreciate you all,
Dennis and Susy

Friday, October 19, 2012

“JESUS - The One Who Changed My Life!”

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ!
Greetings in the Wonderful and Powerful Name of Jesus!
“JESUS  -  The One Who Changed My Life!” is the title of Susy’s new 32 page book written in the Thai language.  The writing, editing, layout and typesetting is complete and it is now at the printer in Bangkok, Thailand.  The first 3,000 copies should be ready for distribution very soon.
Thanks to each of you who have prayed for the writing of this new book which will certainly help many Thai people come to Christ to be saved and will help many Thai Christians live victorious and fruitful lives.
Please pray with us for the finances for the initial printing of this booklet and for additional printings to follow.  Pray that many believers and Churches in Thailand will want to use this ministry tool to reach out to the Thai people with the Gospel.
As always, we will be offering this book free of charge to those distributing it and to those receiving and reading it.  This continues to be our policy with any literature we write and publish.  Our many thanks to those of you who give and pray so that we can offer the Gospel free of charge.  As Jesus said, “Freely you have received, therefore, freely give.”
We believe that the most powerful aspect of the message contained in this book, which is a detailed account of not only Susy’s conversion to Christ but also her walk with Him for 23 years now, will be to help Thai Christians live victorious and fruitful lives, becoming radical disciples of Jesus Christ.
Susy uses much of the Word of God to explain to the readers, not only how she came to Christ to be saved, but also how she learned to walk with Jesus daily according to the Word of God.  She describes in depth how God helped her overcome hurts and abuses from her past, learning not only how to receive God’s forgiveness, but also how to find freedom in Christ by truly forgiving those who hurt her.
She also explains how she learned to use the Word of God to control her thought life and thereby control her feelings and emotions and to be led and controlled by the Holy Spirit, as well as how she learned to trust God and live a life of faith rather than always looking at her circumstances.
Another important part of the book is when Susy tells how she deals with the temptation to live an ordinary life as a Christian wife, mother and homemaker in America, versus following God’s call and command to go and tell other people about Jesus Christ, especially those who have never heard that God loves them and that Jesus Christ shed His Blood and died to redeem them.
So we are very excited about having this ministry tool here in Hua Hin, Thailand as we continue Preaching, Teaching and Publishing the Unsearchable Riches of Christ.

May God continue to Bless and use each of you as you serve Him each day.

We love and appreciate each of you,
Dennis, Susy and David Thomas Caplinger

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jesus Greetings From Hua Hin, Thailand

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ!
Greetings in the Wonderful and Powerful Name of Jesus!
As some have already said, we have hit the ground running here in Hua Hin, Thailand.  It has been so wonderful to have so many open doors and opportunities to Preach, Teach and Publish the Unsearchable Riches of Christ.
We are extremely grateful to God for those of you who pray for us and who give of your finances to help make our ministry possible here in Thailand among these precious people, with so many who still have not even heard about Jesus Christ, as well as among the babes in Christ.

We thank God for the preaching and ministry opportunities we have at the Power of Love International Church.  On Sunday morning, September 16, we preached the Word of God to about 65 people from many countries in both English and Thai languages.  We preach there most Sunday mornings, but are also scheduled to preach at local Thai Churches.
Next Sunday we are planning to move to a larger room at the same hotel to accommodate the new people who are coming each week.  We are also planning to begin a mid-week service on Tuesday evening to provide an alternative time for people who can’t come on Sunday morning, and for those who want to attend more than one service each week.
Susy works with a group of Thai Christian ladies every Sunday at 1:00 PM.  They are continuing to grow in the Lord and beginning to reach out to the lost and needy around the city in various ways.  She also stays busy visiting Thai people from house to house and in their businesses most days, in addition to witnessing and making disciples wherever she happens to be each day.
Please pray for many to attend the City Wide Thai Christian Women’s Conference to be held on Friday, October 12, which Susy will be helping to organize and where she will be sharing the Word of God.  They will also have a time of worship and testimonies from several other ladies. 
This will be an outreach event where all Thai Christian women are being encouraged to bring unsaved loved ones and neighbors to hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Besides our regular weekly ministry with the Power of Love International Church, we continue to work with as many Churches, ministries and individual believers as we can to help reach all the precious people of Hua Hin.
Our newest event is the weekly bilingual study we are holding at a local café and bakery in Hua Hin.  The subject is Radical Discipleship and Power Evangelism.  It is for the equipping of believers who want to join with us in reaching out to all the people of Hua Hin.
The emphasis of the study is to become radical disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in every aspect of our lives, doing the works of Jesus just like the early disciples did in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts, in order to do evangelism every day, everywhere we are by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
Please pray that our lives will be turned inside out and upside down, so that we can turn Hua Hin upside down in the Mighty and Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, as we proclaim Him in Word and Deed.
We love and appreciate you all.  Thanks so much for everything.
Dennis, Susy and David Thomas

DenSu Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 26393
Akron, OH 44319 USA

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dennis and Susy Return To Hua Hin For Four More Months

Dear DenSu Friends and Partners,

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus!

We are writing to let you know that we are returning to Hua Hin, Thailand in a couple of weeks on Sunday, September 2nd for four months, returning to the States on December 31.

We covet your prayers for our travel to Hua Hin and for our ministry time there.

We are so grateful to God for the doors of opportunity which He has opened to us in Hua Hin.

During our time there we will be reaching out to the Thai people and to the foreigners who live in and visit Hua Hin.

Preaching, teaching and publishing the Unsearchable Riches of Jesus Christ to everyone we can is our goal and passion.

We will be trusting in God's faithfulness to His Word, and the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Living Person of Jesus Christ as we minister to the lost and the seekers and the babes in Christ each day.

Teaching and training and discipling those who have a heart to serve Him will also be one of our priorities.

I will be preaching and teaching much of the time at the Power of Love International Church of Hua Hin, and also working with the Thai Churches and believers from time to time.

Susy will be working with as many of the Thai Churches and believers as she can, as well as discipling the Christian women of Hua Hin and following up on new believers from her previous trips.  She will also be ministering in Bangkok from time to time and possibly in the South of Thailand as the Lord leads.  Susy will also help minister to the foreigners and their Thai wives and girl friends as opportunities arise.

We will both be in the streets and the market places each day, out where the people are, passing out literature, sharing the Gospel with whoever we can, praying for the needs of people, saved and unsaved, and helping and training other believers to do the same.

We are expecting a great harvest of souls and for the Churches of Hua Hin to be encouraged and equipped and strengthened as we share the Word of God and the Love of Jesus with all that we can.

Susy will be finalizing and printing her new 30 page booklet in Thai and we will be publishing and distributing that during these four months.  We also want to reprint other Gospel materials of ours in both English and Thai. Pray with us to this end.

Please pray also for us to walk in strength and favor in body, soul and spirit in everything we do from our going out of the States until our return to the States.  

Pray also for our son, David Thomas, as he takes care of things in Ohio for us and the ministry.  He has also recently joined a worship team at a Church in Canton, Ohio where he will be playing guitar.

May God use us all, which includes all of you, to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth until Jesus comes for us.  

May He continue to prosper and bless us all so that we can always be a blessing to others in every way, every day.  

May His Glory in the earth, be our goal, as we all labor to make Jesus known in Word and Deed, and may all of our lives truly honor Him and adorn the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as we proclaim His Great Love!

We are so thankful for each of you who pray and give and help in other ways.  We appreciate your love and friendship and partnership.

Dennis, Susy and David Thomas


DenSu Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 26393
Akron, OH 44319 USA