Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ecuador Outreach Trip October 2010

Dear Partners and Friends in Christ,

Thank you so much for praying for Brother Tom and I during our ministry trip to Ecuador. We had a glorious time of preaching, teaching and sharing the Good News about Jesus with so many precious people.

The Ecuadorian people were so open to the Gospel and many were hungry to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ. I have never personally seen people so eager to receive the True Happiness book and be so thankful for it.

Many of the recipients would begin reading it right there on the spot, wherever they were. We had the privilege of distributing about 2,000 books to people in plaza areas, on the streets, in homes, in stores, in schools, in a large mall and in small villages and towns, in jungle areas and in the cities.

Brother Tom and I were blessed to be able to minister together outside the United States. We were able to pray with about 30 or so Ecuadorian people to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. What a joy it was for us to watch these precious souls ask Christ to come into their lives and save them.

Let me tell you about Carlos and Walter. Tom needed to buy a new pair of shoes, so we went to a large shopping mall. We were accompanied by a brother in Christ, named Boris, who drove us and translated for us, when needed.

When entering a store that sold shoes, I gave a True Happiness book to the clerk. His name is Carlos. Tom found one pair of shoes he was interested in, but decided to look at some other stores also. An hour or so later, we returned to the store where Carlos worked so Tom could purchase the shoes he saw originally.

Upon entering the store, Carlos greeted us and told us that he had already read the first nine pages of the book. As Tom was purchasing the shoes, we began to speak with Carlos and another store employee named Walter. I am guessing that they were both in their mid 30’s.

All of a sudden, as we were talking, Walter asks us, “What do you have to do to become a Christian, and how do you become a Christian?” We shared the Gospel with both of them and I told them how I had prayed to receive Christ in a store 32 years ago, and they could do the same.

They both wanted to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior right there in the store. They had no hesitation at all. The Holy Spirit had prepared their hearts. They boldly and unashamedly asked Christ to come into their lives and to forgive them and they confessed Him as the Lord of their lives.

We welcomed them into the family of God as our new brothers in Christ, and then gave Walter a book also, and Boris invited them to his Church and gave them his contact information. We saw Walter a few days later and he commented how happy and peaceful he was and how thankful. Please remember to pray for Carlos and Walter.

When visiting a Christian brother, Arturo and his wife, Nellie, we were able to share the Gospel with his mother and father and brother and his wife and all of their children, around 10 in all. After hearing the Gospel of Christ, we invited them all to receive Christ and His Forgiveness and new life, and each of them prayed and confessed Jesus as their Lord.

I was out walking early one morning by myself, after preaching to a small group of believers the night before, and met one of the sisters from the Church and her husband, who was not a believer.

She left for work, but I stayed and shared the Gospel with him and my testimony and he also prayed to received Christ as His Lord and Savior.

During a trip by boat to one jungle village, we visited a one room school with about 15 students, where the teacher was a young believer. They sang us a song in their native tongue about when you die that’s all there is. It was a very depressing song, so we shared the good news about Jesus from John 3:16 and how they could live forever. They all prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.

Another highlight was visiting the newly restored home of Nate Saint in Shell-Mera. This was the home base and airstrip where Nate and Jim Elliot and the other 3 missionaries flew from to reach the Huaorani Indians before being murdered. We were able to stock the home and training center with books for the unsaved visitors to receive.

Tom and I thank God for sending us to Ecuador to help others know of His Amazing Love and to preach, teach and publish the Gospel of Christ.