Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Glorious and Historic Conference in Hua Hin, Thailand

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ!

Thank you for praying for the All Day Regional Christian Conference, entitled “Radical Discipleship and Power Evangelism”, which was held yesterday, July 18th, in Hua Hin.

It was a truly glorious and historic event. Many from the small Body of Christ in this region of Thailand came together for the first time, as one united Body and purely as brothers and sisters in Christ, with no agenda but to worship God and be taught by the Holy Spirit.

Believers from over 20 Christian Churches, both English and Thai speaking, attended the Conference. We were also blessed with the presence of 30 or so students from the Southern Theological Institute, a four year Bible School for the training and preparation of future Pastors and Leaders for the local Churches throughout Thailand.

My guesstimate is that more than 150 people attended throughout the day, with most staying for the entire 12 hours. There were still more than 100 believers in attendance when we dismissed everyone at 9:15 at night.

Luke 5:1-10 was the main text for my four part message. It was broken into four one hour sessions. The emphasis was when Jesus said,

Launch out into the deep waters and let down your nets for a catch. Peter then said, but Lord we have fished all night and caught nothing, but at your word, we will let down the nets.

We were all challenged to take God at His Word when He tells us to let down out nets for a catch, no matter what our results have been in winning souls in the past.

We were also enlightened by the Holy Spirit from Jesus’ words in the Gospels when He tells us that the fields are ripe for the harvest. He told the disciples, You say four months and then the harvest, but I tell you, open your eyes and look, the fields are ripe for harvest now.

We were challenged to take God at His Word that the people around us everyday everywhere are ready to receive Jesus. They are ripe for harvest. Each day when we go into the fields of this world, we are there to harvest souls. Jesus tells us that we will reap where we have not sown.

Susy preached a powerful message entitled, “Closing The Deal”. She used the text from 2 Cor. 6:2, which tells us that NOW is the time of God’s favor, and that NOW is the time of Salvation.

We were all challenged again by the Holy Spirit to not only share the Gospel with people, but to invite them and help them receive Jesus, right there, right then, not later, but NOW is the time.

Pamela Hall from England presented a very comprehensive teaching entitled, A Better Way To Pray, emphasizing the importance and power of praying according to the Word of God and the finished work of Jesus Christ. We all then enjoyed a time of praying for one another in small groups.

After dinner and more worship, David Hall shared a very wonderful message with us all, entitled, The Power Of Christian Unity. You could really sense the Holy Spirit breaking down barriers from the past as we all listened and then worshipped together and then received Communion together.

Pastor Nippon shared a Pastor’s Perspective of the Conference before serving us Communion. We then closed with a very special time of laying hands on everyone and praying for everyone still in attendance as the Lord sent us out into the Harvest Fields of Hua Hin and beyond.

It seemed to me and others that we left the Conference with new vision, new insights, new boldness, new power, new compassion, and new priorities.

Please continue to pray for all us to now go into the streets and the market places and the homes and workplaces to reap a great harvest of souls in this part of Thailand as never before.

Pray also that we will all be sensitive as to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church here in working together to make Jesus known to the world.

Your prayers and support in all of this are so important and powerful. You are a blessing to us!

We love and appreciate you all!
Dennis and Susy