Thursday, January 5, 2012

Susy Returns To Thailand January 18

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ!
First of all, we thank God for His Amazing Grace and Love poured out upon us in 2011, and for the honor and privilege of knowing Him as sons and daughters of God.
We thank Him also for the honor and privilege of serving Him here in the States and overseas throughout 2011.  
We thank Him for the fruitful times of ministering to people through preaching, teaching and publishing the Gospel, as well as personal  ministry and soulwinning.
More than 100,000 visitors from 201 countries and territories visited our evangelistic websites to read and listen to True Happiness Can Be Yours online.  Many precious souls from around the world wrote to tell us they prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  
As we look ahead at 2012, Susy is planning in the Lord to go to Thailand for two and a half months.  She is scheduled to leave on January 18 and return April 3.
She will be focusing on training and equipping the believers in Bangkok and Hua Hin in sharing their faith out where the people are, and will make herself available to all the Churches and local fellowships to provide teaching for the ladies who are hungry to be be trained and equipped to share their faith with others.
Let’s pray for Susy’s trip to Thailand as follows:
  • For her flights and all aspects of her travel and immigration and customs.
  • For God’s provision and supply for every need and for His Divine Protection for Susy.
  • For Divine connections with other sisters in Christ who want to be discipled and trained.
  • For a great harvest of souls and for many of the Thai ladies to become personal soulwinners.
  • For His grace for us being apart for this time.
As Susy builds on the foundation which was laid during our last trips to Hua Hin, she will be evaluating how we can best impact that area of Thailand in future trips for both of us, and how we can most effectively strengthen and equip the Body of Christ in Hua Hin to reach their people and beyond.
Pray with us for discernment and wisdom as to how we can best establish a dynamic and ongoing work of ministry in Hua Hin and to know who the key people and ministries are in that region for us to partner with in the coming months and years.
While Susy is away in Thailand for the first few months of 2012, David Thomas and I will begin working on the writing of a new book which we have been contemplating for some time now.
Our first book, True Happiness Can Be Yours, has been and continues to be a great evangelistic and discipleship tool all around the world, still bearing much fruit.
This new book, which we still don’t know what the title will be, will be directed primarily towards believers who want to walk strong with God and who want to be everything God saved them to be, and who want to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus has taken hold of them.
The message of the book will be a call to follow Jesus Christ as radical disciples, a call to total Lordship in how we live out our lives everyday.  The instruction and training of the book will empower and equip any true dedicated believer to live fruitful and victorious lives, impacting their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Deed.
This book will take the believer into the heart, mind and life of the Lord Jesus, revealing what He is trying to do in the world today through His Church by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
We will be publishing the book for distribution in all the newest formats for electronic, digital and audio distribution worldwide, as well as in print.
The main demographic of reader or listener of the book will be directed toward the younger generation, teenagers up to thirty years old. 
While the truths and message of the book can impact anyone who wants to serve God, our desire is to target younger believers before they are set in their ways and careers, to challenge them to live their lives for Christ everyday, everywhere they are, in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit.
Please pray for David Thomas and I to work well together in this endeavor and to have the wisdom and mind of God as we seek Him together to sense His heart and call for the youth of His Church.
Your prayers and support in all of this are so important and powerful.  You are a blessing to many!
We love and appreciate you all!
Dennis, Susy and David Thomas