Monday, February 20, 2012

Thailand Update: Susy's Ministry In Hua Hin and Bangkok

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ!
Thanks for praying for Susy and her ministry trip to Thailand.  She is almost halfway through her time there, with plans to return to the States on April 3rd.
She is having a very blessed time of ministry in Thailand.  She was in Bangkok for a couple of weeks and is now in Hua Hin where she will spend two months sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching others to do the same.
Her ministry activities include speaking, teaching and training, praying for people, literature distribution, personal witnessing, soulwinning, and encouraging others in the Lord.
While in Bangkok, she was invited to participate in a Gideon outreach to a local high school, where they distributed New Testaments and Bibles to the students.  Susy had the privilege of leading seven students to Christ as she shared the Gospel with each of them and helped them pray to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Praise The Lord!
On another occasion, she visited a friend in Bangkok who she had grown up with in the South of Thailand.  She had not seen her since school days many years ago.  She shared the Gospel with her and her family.
While at their house she noticed her grandmother, who could not walk, or at least had great difficulty walking.  Susy shared the Gospel with her and asked if she could pray for her.  The elderly lady agreed that Susy could pray that she would be able to walk.
Before praying for her legs, Susy shared the Gospel with her some more and asked if she would like to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  Grandma said yes, and Susy helped her pray to receive Christ.
Susy then prayed for her to be healed in her body so that she could walk.  Before Susy left, Grandma was up walking around.  Praise God!  Saved and healed in the same day.  Just like in the days of Jesus.  The whole family took notice of this and Susy will be able to share with them again in the future.
Susy said that she prays, “God, use me!”  And He does.  He continues to open doors for her to share the Good News about Jesus and to help other believers do the same.  Thank you Lord!
She has been holding teaching and training sessions for Thai women on Friday afternoons, to train the believers how to witness and win souls, and she is speaking at various Churches on Sundays, and other Christian group meetings during the week.
She has also been participating in weekly prayer meetings with Church leaders in Hua Hin, as well as city wide worship meetings held monthly for believers from all the Hua Hin churches.
During the last two women’s training sessions on Saturday, she was able to led two Thai ladies to the Lord.  They had come with others to the meetings, but were not Christians.  Praise The Lord!
Susy is also enjoying just being out in the streets and market places meeting people and sharing Christ with them wherever she goes.
Please join us in praying for Susy and the other believers in Hua Hin as follows:
  • For God’s supply for her every need and for Divine protection and health for Susy.
  • For Divine connections with other sisters in Christ who want to be discipled and trained.
  • For a great harvest of souls and for many of the Thai ladies to become personal soulwinners.
  • For the spirit of fear to be broken among the Thai people, both believers and unbelievers.
  • For the Thai Christians and leaders to be bold in sharing their faith, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with the Love and Compassion of Jesus.
  • For God’s grace and peace to abound to Susy, David Thomas and I during this time apart.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support for Susy, David Thomas and I and for our ministry outreach in Thailand and around the world, and for all aspects of DenSu Ministries.
We love and appreciate you all!
Dennis, Susy and David Thomas