Saturday, March 24, 2012

Susy Returns from Thailand April 03

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ!
Thanks for praying for Susy and her ministry trip to Thailand.  It has been extremely fruitful.  She has two more weeks of ministry there before returning to the States on April 3rd.
During these last two weeks, she will be speaking in Thai Churches on both remaining Sundays, one in Hua Hin and the other in Bangkok, where she will continue challenging and equipping the Thai Christians to reach out to their own people with the Gospel of Christ.
She will also be speaking at a Thai Christian Woman’s Gathering in Hua Hin, which will wrap up her time of ministry among the ladies during these past two and one half months.
Her goal is to leave behind some Thai ladies who are now motivated and empowered to go out winning souls wherever they are each day, by putting into practice what they have learned from Susy’s teaching and example.
She has had the privilege of distributing our Gospel literature to many people in Thailand, and to lead many precious souls to receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Susy shared the Gospel with two ladies in a beauty shop on day, helping both of them to received Christ into their lives.  Afterwards, one of the ladies daughter came in and she also wanted to receive Jesus and be saved.
The next Sunday, they went to Church and brought their mother, who also received Christ that Sunday at Church.  Praise The Lord!
Another day she led two men to Christ after telling them the Good News about Jesus.  One was the Thai owner of a beauty supply store Susy visited, and the other was the manager of some shop she visited.  He was Burmese.
One day as she was near the train station in Hua Hin, the Holy Spirit led her to a mother and daughter traveling by train.  She shared about Jesus with them and they both wanted to pray to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.  They left Hua Hin rejoicing in the Lord as they left the city to return back home.
While attending Church services at two different Churches she discovered an unsaved Thai lady at each and was able to share Christ with them and lead them to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Susy was at the grocery store one day and shared Christ with another Thai lady and helped her pray to receive Jesus.  She has seen her several times since and she is rejoicing in the Lord.
She approached a lady selling real estate in a mall one day and shared with her about Jesus.  This laday prayed to receive Christ right there on the job, and them met Susy at Church on Sunday, where she told others about her new found Savior and received Communion for the first time.
These are just some of the stories that Susy tells me about each time I talk to her by phone.  Obviously we are rejoice at the fruit she is seeing through the Power of the Gospel.  She is so grateful, as am I for your prayers and support and love.
Please join us in praying for Susy and the other believers in Hua Hin as follows:
  • For God’s supply for her every need and for Divine protection and health for Susy.
  • For Divine connections with other sisters in Christ who want to be discipled and trained.
  • For a great harvest of souls and for many of the Thai ladies to become personal soulwinners.
  • For the spirit of fear to be broken among the Thai people, both believers and unbelievers.
  • For the Thai Christians and leaders to be bold in sharing their faith, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with the Love and Compassion of Jesus.
  • For much fruit to remain as Susy returns back home in a couple of weeks.
  • For us to know our next step in our continuing ministry work in Hua Hin, Thailand.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support for Susy, David Thomas and I and for our ministry outreach in Thailand and around the world.
We love and appreciate you all!
Dennis, Susy and David Thomas