Friday, August 16, 2013

Thailand Evangelistic Association - T.E.A

Susy and I continue to make Personal Evangelism our highest priority in our daily ministry activity wherever we are each day.  We are always sharing the Good News about Jesus with others and trying to help them receive Jesus as their Savior.  In order to multiply our ministry efforts and to be as fruitful as we can, we also are teaching and training and equipping other believers and Churches to do the same.

To facilitate this effort among Thai believers and Churches, we have formed the Thailand Evangelistic Association or TEA for short.  The group of people consists of Born Again Believers in Jesus Christ who have a desire to tell other people about Jesus Christ and help them believe in and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The purpose we share is to Evangelize Thailand through personal one on one evangelism out where people work, live, shop, go to school, and move about each day.

We all evangelize wherever we are each day, and then gather together locally each week for a couple of hours to encourage one another, to discuss and share experiences and ideas and to learn from God’s Word about Personal Evangelism.

Each participant personally agrees to the following three things:

1.  Jesus Christ has commanded me to share the Good News about Jesus with others that I come in contact with each day.

2.  The Holy Spirit has empowered me to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

3.  I accept and will fulfill my responsibility to tell other people about Jesus Christ so that they can believe in and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

These weekly TEA meetings are proving to be extremely powerful and life changing for those who attend, and are already impacting lives and bearing much fruit.  Our minds are being renewed as we study the Word of God concerning Personal Evangelism, and strongholds and fears are being broken as we receive and obey God’s Word.

Believers and Church leaders who have struggled with fear and shyness for years, are starting to share their faith with others on a daily basis, and some have already led people to faith in Jesus Christ.  They are now also telling other Christians about how being obedient to God’s Word in sharing their faith has changed their own life.

We are now beginning to help Churches start their own TEA meetings at a local Church level, as weekly cell and support groups for believers interested in learning how to tell other people about Jesus, outside the Church, wherever they are each day.

We are offering to help Churches get started with these cell groups, by teaching and training and equipping the leaders and their people with the Biblical and practical knowledge they need to share their faith and help unsaved people receive Jesus.  We will work with them for 6-8 weeks and then they will be able to continue without us.

We believe this can spread to many Churches throughout Thailand as believers and Churches see the impact that Personal Evangelism done on a daily basis, OUTSIDE THE CHURCH WALLS, can change and grow the Churches and the people.

Please pray for us and this movement as we continue to preach, teach, challenge and conduct Seminars, as well as establish and initially lead these groups.  Pray that we will have the Wisdom of God and be led by the Holy Spirit, and pray that our personal effectiveness and fruitfulness will increase as we continue to share Christ daily.